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2DnanoWater could be a NanoBio game changer 4

                     3D bulk Water                                         2DWater on Metal Nanofilm 

Dr. S. T. Tan (譚世特, Founder of NBD Inc.) has invented a method that enables us to fabricate an ultra thin water film right on a metal nano film (2DnanoWater).


3D bulk water makes life and blue planet; 2DnanoWater makes decent living.


3Dbulkwater makes industries, mostly not so eco-friendly; 2DnanoWater makes industries much greener.


2DnanoWater could someday make heavily water&energy consuming establishments(such as data center) obsolete.


For questions and comments on NBD’s core technologies, ideation for new product development, and possible business models, please contact:
Dr. S. T. Tan (Founder and President of NBD Inc.)
sttan@life.nthu.edu.tw ; nanobio.as@gmail.com