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Bubbles tell (H2O2) 4

Dr. S. T. Tan (Founder and President of NBD Inc.) and his R&D team have developed a novel method for quantitation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in an aqueous solution. The new method is based on our proprietary artificial catalase chip materials. As shown in the video, H2O2 concentrations at 7.0 mM and 5.0 mM could be clearly differentiated by observing bubble (O2 gas) formation and growth under a microscope. At least when used in a hydrogen peroxide scavenging capacity assay, this bubble-based method is reagent-free and surprisingly simple.

Potential applications of the unprecedented bubble-based assay technology include: antioxidant capacity assay, antioxidative enzyme assay, health status monitoring, food freshness monitoring, cell enumeration, and cell viability assay.

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Dr. S. T. Tan (Founder and President of NBD Inc.)
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