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Exosome Quantification4
奈聯生技元件科技公司 300 新竹市東區光復路二段101號國立清華大學創新育成大樓818室
NBD Inc. is about to launch its novel Raman Analysis product, named SuperRaman device (SRD), that enables easy visualization of anti-Stokes Raman scattering simply by using a traditional optical microscope, hence facilitating rapid and easy-to-do Detection and Quantification of Biomarkers, such as exosomes and miRNAs. (Market values: Raman analysis, USD 861 Million/2026; Exosomes, USD 1.1 Billion/2027)Keywords: Raman Analysis; Biomarkers; Exosomes; SuperRaman device (SRD) http://www.nbdinc.com.tw/hot_406932.html SuperRaman device (SRD) 2021-11-08 2022-11-08
奈聯生技元件科技公司 300 新竹市東區光復路二段101號國立清華大學創新育成大樓818室 http://www.nbdinc.com.tw/hot_406932.html
奈聯生技元件科技公司 300 新竹市東區光復路二段101號國立清華大學創新育成大樓818室 http://www.nbdinc.com.tw/hot_406932.html
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Dr. S. T. Tan, CEO of NBD Inc., has invented a disruptive technology that enables easy visualization of anti-Stokes Raman scattering (ASRS).

This ASRS nanobiochip can enable a rapid label-free quantification of exosomes in a biofluid. The chip is named iASRS.